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assorted spices in clear glass containers
Processed Herb & Spices

We have huge varieties of herb and spices from the most abundant resources in the world.

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Bean & Nuts

We can serve you high-quality tropical bean and nuts that are farmed sustainably and organic.

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Cold Storage Food

We have wide arrays of cold storage food that ready to serve your needs.

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Food and Beverage

You will never miss delicate Indonesian tropical and south-east Asian tastes because we can fulfill your needs for delicious foods.

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Industrial & Crafts

We can provide you high quality crafts and industrial products from Indonesia. A nation that is known for quality excellence for centuries.

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Traditional & Fashion

You can have a variety of traditional goods and fashion from us. We can provide you with wide options more than you can expect.

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Discover our favourites
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Dried Chili Wonosobo

Premium Star Anise

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Makassar Cinnamon - Grade A